Let yourself and your family or travelling companions experience Sanbona Wildlife Reserve from a different angle. With the vast and impressive Bellair Dam situated on the property, guests can enjoy our boat safari activities, from the comfort of our spectacular vessel, The Peregrine.

Waterways Tour

Named after a bird of prey, the Peregrine Falcon, this boat embarks on water safaris that takes you into, what was once, uncharted territory. Through these guided tours, 12 guests are seated comfortably as the boat takes you on either a sunrise or sunset cruise, weather permitting. These are the best times of the day to enjoy a safari,as this is when the animals are at their most active.

Additionally, guests can gain a new perspective of the reserve and potentially see:

  • The Big 5
  • Hippos
  • A variety of birdlife.

Best of all, if you’re travelling in a larger party for work or leisure, you can book a Peregrine boat safari exclusively, at an additional cost.

New and Improved

The Peregrine is able to navigate through even shallow waters and offers access to most areas of the dam.

Built almost 100 years ago, this dam is considered a bird watching haven as more than 40 species of birdlife flock here to nest, feed, and drink. Guests get a chance to see the newly built dam wall, and on a hot summer’s day, swim whilst enjoying vistas that are only found in the Karoo.

Additionally, our knowledgeable guides not only point out rare species of birds and identify calls, but they also share interesting and important information about the dam and the Reserve itself.

Book your stay at Sanbona today to experience our boat safari and see bird and wildlife like never before.

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