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I grew up in Cape Town where from a young age I just loved the outdoors and everything in nature. I always spent my time climbing mountains and surfing. After school I did my studies in boiler-making, which took me to London where I spent a year working for London Underground. I must say the weather in the London was not for me.

Returning to Cape Town I took up my interest in nature and decided to make a career out of it and thatís where my guiding journey started, 6 years ago.

I started my guiding career in the Eastern Cape on a small Big 5 reserve which just fuelled my passion further. While I was guiding there I had the idea of furthering my knowledge on the cultural side of South Africa, which I have done, and that led me to doing adventure guiding. So doing adventure guiding got me to really experience South Africa to the max, I was doing cliff Jumping, bungee jumping, surfing, sand boarding, sky diving and also hiking all over the Western Cape and Eastern Cape. During all of this I still got to fulfil my passion by taking guests to game reserves and do field guiding which made it all worthwhile.

It was amazing getting to do everything that I love, but it was time again to go back to the bush. I went to guide at Marakele National Park for two years but it was too far from home and way too far from Cape Town and surfing! This decision brought me to Sanbona Wildlife Reserve, the Best and by far one of the most beautiful places I have ever guided at! The landscape, animals and the flora, everything is just amazing. Sanbona just offers more than the eye can see and I can see a long and enjoyable time here at Sanbona for myself.


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