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Freshly cut herbs at Sanbona Wildlife Reserve.

Freshly cut herbs at Sanbona Wildlife Reserve.

By Paul Vorster
Sanbona Wildlife Manager

For a couple of years, Sanbona has been running a project whereby wet waste from the lodge and staff kitchens is composted or put into worm farms.

The resultant compost & vermileachate (worm tea) is utilized in a garden where we grow our own herbs.

This means our kitchens have fresh herbs daily to enhance their dishes with and we reduce our costs and footprint by not needing to order from external suppliers.

In the spirit of World Environment Day, the lodge staff have pledged to further this project and expand by growing vegetables and salad too, reducing our need to purchase imported foods and further increasing our self sufficiency and reducing our negative footprint on the environment.

We hope you all enjoy these fresh, organic ingredients on your next visit to Sanbona Wildlife Reserve, the Cape's premier wildlife destination.


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