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A couple of weeks ago, the Sanbona Retreat Team: Kobus Alberts, Noeru De Wet, Dore De Villiers and the Sanbona Rangers: Christo Booysen and Roman Ndeja, headed off to the Ebenhaezer Barrydale, Senior Citizen Group, to treat the local citizens to a day filled with special treats and exciting giveaways.

The team arrived at the hall in the middle of Barrydale and were welcomed by the organiser Mary Ferguson and 24 curious, smiling faces.

Christo gave an introduction of what the Sanbona team and Healing Earth had in store for them for the day.

He explained that Roman; a talented and great storyteller, would tell them about Sanbona Wildlife Reserve and regale them with stories of their ancestors that once lived and roamed in surrounding mountains and whilst this interesting talk was being given, that the Retreat team would treat everyone to a pampering hand massage.

As promised, Roman kept his audience captivated with amazing stories of the area and even surprised everyone with a story that he told in the very rare ‘san language’.

Kobus and his exceptional team of therapists treated all present to a pampering hand massage with the luxurious Healing Earth Oils.

Healing Earth; Sanbona’s Retreat and Guest Amenity suppliers, very generously donated the wonderful samples and hampers to give away with the lucky draws.

In addition to the products, Sanbona Retreat gave one lucky winner a Sanbona Hand Ritual.  And another lucky winner received a Karoo Dream (Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage).  A portable massage bed was set up in a secluded room, Sanbona Retreat Style.

A delicious cake baked by the Gondwana Kitchen team was served to the community.

Special thanks was given to the Ebenhaezer Group for allowing us to bring them a little piece of Sanbona.

Written by, Kobus Alberts, Retreat Manager at Sanbona Wildlife Reserve, part of Shamwari Group


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